Thursday, August 16, 2007

Failure...........13 on going 30

Last nite aku ngan bini ku tengok this movie and i was struck to one of the conversation between mother and daughter regarding failure. As usual the daughter would say that if we can go back to the past for sure can having a better life (happy) Such as we can study hard, appreciate more, giving more and love more.Even that daughter asked her mother of what thing in the past the the mother want to change in her life.

To her suprise the mother said to her there's nothing that she wanted to change eventhough the life's shen went through is full of challenges. WHY?????the daughter ask again...Don't you want to have a good life????she replies....If i were to change my life for sure i'm not going to have you...But that is not the issues...It is because if we don't fail we will never be matured.Actually Failure is the no.1 teacher in the world.Bila saja abis that conversation, i just cannot imagine Our God is actually work through anything (indirectly) to teach us.My Good JESUS never tired teaching me. TQ Jesus.

Last time, aku juga punya parable tentang Failure ni....very simple kerna aku anggap semua orang buat salah.jadi ianya sebenarnya begini..

Kalau you buat salah sekali than you only make MISTAKE
Kalau you buat salah 2 kali than you make CARELESS
Kalau you buat salah 3 kali than you are S_u_i_ *****i just don't want to sya the word...
In a way i saw mine one is very rude to actually appreaciate the gift of life kannn....????
Once again TQ Lord for last nite movie.

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