Monday, August 13, 2007

10 Principles of Youth Work.

1. Everything must align with the vision and mission.
- This presumes a clear vision and mission statement.

2. Share the work.
- Delegate as far down as we can.
- Encourage initiative.
- Take calculated risks with "new kids on the block."
- Observe the principle of subsidiarity.

3. Multiply yourself.
-Train people.
-Take care of our volunteers.
-Raise up new leaders. -
-No one should be indispensable. "People can't give what they don't have."

4. Serve the needs of your "market."
- Since our "market" is the youth, our services, and the "packaging" of our services, need to appeal to them.
- Pay attention to creating an attractive youth environment; harness music and organize activities appealing to youth.

5. New projects and outreaches must be sustainable.
- Personnel and/or financial sustainability.
- Aim for medium-term or long-term sustainability.

6. Our leadership is primarily spiritual and moral.
- It's not just functional or organizational. We lead by word and by example.
- It's important that we become good models by our life.

7. Review our programs and strategies regularly.
- Look out for new trends, needs, opportunities.
- Keep on improving on what we're good at.
- Be willing to go through "organized abandonment."

8. Decentralize.
- Raise up local leaders.
- Local chapters should be as self-sufficient as possible.

9. Network with others.
- Other people or groups may have what we don't have - get help!

10. Trust in the Lord.
- If it's truly God's work, He will provide whatever lack we may have.
- We can only do as much as what the Lord wants of us.

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