Friday, November 30, 2007

Spend Time in Prayer

Tell God all your hopes and fears for the coming year. Ask for insight into, and direction for, each child you plan on teaching. He knows your child intimately and knows the plans He has for him or her.

Ask God to supply all that you need in order to home educate: books, patience, creativity, lab equipment, and wisdom. God will work on you to be the parent and teacher He wants you to be.

Beware of succumbing to adult peer pressure. You do not have to do what other families are doing. Your family is unique, so your style and methods of home schooling will also be unique! Do not let your knees buckle when you hear about another family studying Latin and you are having difficulty with the multiplication tables. If Latin is not working for you and you feel God telling you to focus on multiplication tables, then listen to and follow God.

And don't forget to thank Him for going before you every step of the way!

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