Thursday, November 22, 2007

Contraception: The root cause of the Anti-Life culture

"Contraceptive ethic is predictably a suicide pact. Any group that refuses to reproduce itself will disappear."

NO CONTRACEPTION. Some couples choose not to use any contraception. This is because some families see the obviously better, proven, long term, multi-generational benefits of using NO CONTRACEPTION. This is not necessarily because they want to get pregnant, but for a variety of reasons including personal convictions, religious beliefs, or even medical considerations. Couples who thoughtfully choose not to contracept are open to the possibility of children. This does not mean that they will have dozens of children; many non-contracepting women end up with only two or three children by the time they reach menopause, though some may have more and some may have none. A woman's choice not to use birth control should be respected. Usually she has given the matter much consideration and is trusting that she and her husband will be able to provide for however many children are given to them.

Natural Family Planning (NFP). Fertility awareness, or natural family planning, has been used successfully since the 1930's to predict a woman's fertile days. These methods are based on the fact that fertilization is most likely to occur around the time of ovulation. Intercourse is avoided during those times when a woman is fertile, thus preventing conception. Fertility awareness methods are the only methods of birth control which require the cooperation of both partners. Advantages of NFP methods are that they are very inexpensive, do not require the use of artificial devices or drugs, and have no harmful side-effects. In addition, many people prefer a natural, mutual method of preventing pregnancy. Even if fertility awareness isn't used as contraception, every couple can benefit from understanding the workings of the woman's body.

Users of NFP tend to be very loyal, continuing to practice NFP longer than users of any other non-surgical, non-prescription method, which indicates high satisfaction among couples.


Sheila Kippley said...

NFP also includes God's plan for spacing babies through ecological breastfeeding or the Seven Standards. This natural plan for mother and baby also is inexpensive, involves no devices or drugs, is achieved without charting and little effort, involves no abstinence, and has no harmful side effects. In fact, there are so many benefits for both mother and baby during and after the breastfeeding that our United States government is now telling mothers their babies are at risk if they do not breastfeed. For free instruction on the Seven Standards, go to and hit Part 3 of the free, short, and easy-to-understand manual on the Home Page. There is also a "NEW" at the top of the Home Page for a free brochure promoting breastfeeding. Sheila Kippley, NFP International, a volunteer organization

Princess Mataehary said...

TQ Sheila for your support.May the garce of God be with you and your volunteer works...