Saturday, February 14, 2009

Tasha writing bout Babai...

This great man of our family just pass away a few days ago on the 2nd of February 2009. it was a great demise for all of us as he were the true living Christ in our family. A man of full courage and love which we could defined him. i still can remember that he done his mission as a father to his children and a grandfather a.k.a babai to me. before he was so sick,he use to tell me lots of good things that brings benefit to me. he spend so much on me since i was a baby till i grow up and done my SPM. he always give me advices to be a better person in future. now that he's not here anymore on earth,i feel really lonely without him. its as if i'm so alone in this whole wide world. i love him so much! OMG! i just can't compare him from any other people and its difficult to find that kind of person who is so holy. i wish he was here but its OK because he's with GOD right now in heaven. i knew it! babai use to tell me also that i must be a good girl in the family as the eldest among all of his grandchildren and to be a good role model to them by showing good examples. i'll never know if i can do that. but now,i think i can give it a try. i just want to make him proud of me from heaven above. i hope and pray that he will pray for me and the others as well. if i have the chance to meet him in my dreams,i will tell him how much i miss him. he is so meaningful to each and everyone of us. he's so special to everyone because he has done too many deeds that people can ever forget. there are so many things that babai told me before he left. having an amazing people in our life that left us suddenly is quite a shock event. i can't help myself when i saw him in the coffin. its unbelieveable to me that he really is going. i feel so guilty because i seldom come and visit him when he's ill. its not that i don't want to,its just that i can't help it to see an old person that is so weak that can't do anything just by lying down on the bed,it makes me feel bad. like malay people use to say,"sik kempang". that's how i feel. its because i seldom see babai so sick like that. he change my life before he left. but i just hate it when people always say that i'm the one who make him ill. i feel really bad about it. i think babai is mad at me right now for behaving disobediently towards my parents. i aleady know what babai wants from me. he just wants me to be obedient and well behaved young lady. i'll try my best! babai is also not a choosy person. he listens to everyone's opinion. i'm overwhelmed with babai's way. he never troubles people and he also don't even mind if people troubles him just by asking help from him. he will help if he can. i know how babai is and i don't like it when babai is at a high temperature. everyone respects him. i really wonder how is babai right now. i just want to know how is he. i wish i could know about it. babai loves each and everyone of us his grandchildren. he treat all of us equally and so does how he treats his children that has all grown up to be a person in life that has their on family. i think that all of us should be worry to much because he has aready rest in peace. he'll watch us all from heaven where all the holy one are and pray. i just want to thank babai for giving me so many advice,taking care of me,my siblings and my cousins. i'm so lucky that i do get some love from him before since i was a baby girl. thank you so much babai! take care! P.S I LOVE YOU!!! HappY ValEntinE's DaY!

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